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About Intivar: What’s inside it and just how do you use it?

August 7, 2012

Intivar is really a vaginal gel that can help with vaginal lube, tightening and rebuilding vaginal elasticity. Intivar could make sex more fun by trying to solve problems connected with painful sex for example vaginal dryness and atrophy from the vaginal walls.

Intivar is made of pure, natural elements that actually work together to improve a woman’s capability to produce vaginal lube. The elements in Intivar also be capable of tighten the vaginal walls. Actually, nearly all women report feeling a positive change in a few minutes of utilizing Intivar like a awesome, tightening sensation happens.

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What’s in Intivar? Only natural elements.

First, there’s Mirofirm that is a purified extract of Peuraria mirifica, a plant using the greatest amounts of estrogenic activity much like estradiol that is a type of oestrogen. Oestrogen is vital to female sexual function so that as women age their natural oestrogen production slows lower which could cause vaginal dryness and lack of elasticity within the vaginal walls. The Mirofirm found in Intivar increases bloodstream flow towards the genitals, increases vaginal lube helping tighten the vaginal wall.

Next, Intivar consists of Panax or Korean Ginseng.  Ginseng has been utilized for hundreds of years and it has numerous uses including reducing stress. It’s also regarded as an aphrodisiac. What it really does in Intivar is regulate bloodstream flow towards the genital area. This can help with full sexual confidence as proper bloodstream flow is an integral part of healthy full sexual confidence.

Quercus infectoria is yet another component of Intivar. This really is also called Oak gall extract. Oak gall has been utilized being an old home cure to revive elasticity after giving birth for decades.  Additionally, it consists of antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal qualities which help with overall good vaginal health insurance and hygiene.  The Oak gall extract encourages bloodstream flow towards the genital area thus growing sensitivity and arousal. Additionally, it adds to natural vaginal tightening.

Finally is Hamamelis virginiana or Witch hazel. It develops from a shrub generally present in Europe and The United States. The leaf from the Witch hazel shrub comes with an extract that consists of tannins along with other flavonoids. Exactly what do these do? They behave like an astringent and anti-inflammatory meaning when it’s put on the genitals there’s a hurry of instant bloodstream flow together with constriction along with a tightening sensation. These affects could be felt very rapidly after application which in a nutshell hands means the vagina feels tight and arousal is elevated.

So place them altogether and also you spell Intivar. Natural. Nothing that contains harsh chemicals or chemicals.  Many of these elements interact to supply natural lube and vaginal tightening which means a much better sex existence for you personally.

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