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How to Make Your Vagina Tighter

August 3, 2012

I personally recommend doing Kegel exercise. I regularly do it to help tighten my vagina and my partner Jim enjoys it very much and he often tells me that it feels like I am a virgin every time we have sex. Trust me he will feel the differences if you do it often enough and at the same time I also use Intivar to help with the dryness and sexual vitality.

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  • To start this you need to find your PC muscle – Most people make the mistakes of squeezing the wrong muscle at the beginning of the kegel exercise. You must find your PC muscle and understand exactly where it is in order for the exercise to be effective.
  • Finding your baseline by squeezing slowly at the beginning of the kegel exercise. You can basically do this exercise at any time or anywhere at your own pleasure. You need to squeeze the PC muscle as hard as you possibly can and try and hold it for approximately 4-6 seconds and then release and take it easy for 6-7 seconds. You should then see how your muscle feels. Try and see how many times you can actually do it until your muscles gets really tired.
  • Repetitions are the keys to your Kegel Squeezing – Its more effective when you do Kegel exercise by repetition of squeezing. Until you have finally found your baseline that’s where you can actually go from there. Try doing around 5-6 reps of squeezing-holding-release. Don’t push yourself too early in the exercise but try and see how far you can hold it for.
  • Strength building with Kegel exercise – Making your vaginal tighter is easy once you have located your baseline. All it takes is repetition of kegel exercise by increasing your time for the squeeze per exercise. Try to hold it for as long as 10 seconds if possible but don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t do it. Take your time and do you’re your best and try for 10 reps for the kegel workout.
  • Try and do at least 3 x times of kegel exercise a day – If you can do 3-4 sessions of kegel exercise a day and as a general tip make sure you try and do at least 10 reps each time with you trying to hold for atleast 10 seconds per exercise.
  • Try and increase the squeezing each time you perform the kegel exercise if you can. Everyone is different so eventually you will find your comfort zone. Test yourself to a point where you feel comfortable enough to hold your squeeze and don’t rush or push yourself too hard. Keep trying and eventually you will start feeling your vaginal tighter.
  • Some people say that using a toy or an object will help you the kegel exercise with vaginal tightening. However everyone is different and there’s no real need for it as long as you do it regularly enough and if you do decides to use an object then ensure that the object is not too large which can cause issues and interfere with your kegel exercise.
  • Practice your kegel exercise during sex and masturbation if possible. The more you try it the more you will start feeling a tighter vagina. Do it during and after and in between your masturbation and sexual intercourse to experiment different stages and eventually you will feel the changes in your sexual experience with your partner.

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